Amanita Muscaria

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Muscaria is a mushroom containing the psychoactive compound muscimol. They are most often characterized by red caps covered with white warts, yellow stems, and brown gills. These mushrooms grow in the summer and fall in wooded areas, but they are also found in urban regions with trees (such as parks).

The medicinal properties of this mushroom have yet to be fully explained. Amanita Muscaria has an extensive history for its human effect; it has been used by many different cultures worldwide for approximately 6,000 years. Archaeological records show that humans living in Europe used this hallucinogenic fungus beginning roughly 8,000 years ago.
This is interesting because people could survive on these mushrooms alone without hunting down other meat sources. While this is not well documented, there are accounts to suggest that it might be true; for instance, simple cave paintings depicting people hunting deer and picking mushrooms were found in France. Also, there was a history of nomads drying the mushroom and then boiling them with water to create tea (which later became known as “Siberian Tea”).
The chemical structure of Muscimol contains a four-carbon indole connected via an ethyl side chain to an amino acid. This part of the chemical structure is very similar to serotonin -the neurotransmitter or brain cell signaling hormone active within neurons or nerve cells, but their effects on the body can differ significantly from each other.
The Romanian chemist Eugeniu Sarea first synthesized muscimol in 1931. He published his results in 1952 because the structure of Muscimol was very similar to that of serotonin. Still, until then, it was thought to be an isomer of pyrocatechol because it had an equivalent oxidation level.More about this mushroom you can find on trustable source of mushroom information
The synthesis of Muscimol by Dr. Sarea was the only way to study its chemical properties until 2008, when studies on mice brain cells were done with laboratory synthesized muscimol without directly obtaining them from mushrooms.
The effects of amanita muscaria are mostly psychological due to the hallucinogenic compound muscimol, which is classified as an antagonist for receptors, specifically, type gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors which are responsible for regulating the body’s anxiety levels.
There are a lot of effects associated with Aminata Muscaria (Fly Agaric). Let’s look at a few;
“Sterile Delirium”– not much information on this one, but it seems to be when someone experiences periods of incoherence accompanied by delusions and hallucinations. Some people might mistake it for Schizophrenia.
Delusions: Usually, these are visual or auditory, but they can also come in tactile. They are very vivid and realistic -as if you were there instead of in the real world where you physically are.
Time dilation: This is when time seems to act differently for someone. For example, some people might feel like they’re in one place for hours despite it only being 5 minutes or so due to their perception of time not matching what’s happening around them. Sometimes this can manifest into more extreme examples such as traveling thousands of miles within seconds, essentially warping through space-time with ease.
Out Of Body Experiences (OBE): Some people report feeling like they are outside their body and able to “float” above themselves (or even fly). The effects of this usually wear off after a few seconds, but the experience itself feels very real as if it was happening.
Feelings of euphoria or general happiness: This is a feeling or sensation that people will usually describe as a state of being “at peace” with the world. It’s also been compared to feelings of love, though it can be separate from this depending on the person.
Loss of sense of self: In some cases, certain people have reported losing all ability to maintain their sense of identity. When asked what they were, they would often give unknown answers because they lacked understanding of who or where they were. They might even be able to answer coherently but still have no idea about themselves, nor would they know how old they are, what day it is, etc.

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